Counselling and Psychotherapy

Reasons for seeking therapy are many and varied, but it is probably safe to say that if you are considering therapy, there is something you are struggling with that you wish to be different. You, or someone close to you, might be experiencing anxiety and depression, find relationships difficult, things might have happened in your life that you are finding a challenge to deal with, or you might just have a sense that things could be better.

Exploring these issues can gradually help you to understand your feelings in ways that enable you to live with a greater sense of freedom. Therapy can feel painful and even frightening at times when you allow yourself to look at issues you might have tried to push away and ignore for a long time, or events that have occurred recently that have affected you strongly, but therapy can also help you to be more open to the good things in your life and free up your creativity.

Counselling tends to be shorter term and focused on specific issues, while psychotherapy is a longer-term exploration of wider and more varied issues, depending on what is surfacing for you at the time.